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Help us rescue, neuter, and find homes for furry friends in need.

There are an estimated half a million stray cats and dogs in Georgia. We exist to reduce this number one animal at a time. 

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Since 2015, we’ve rescued, neutered, and put animals up for adoption. We also support vulnerable Georgian communities with daily foster fees.

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Help them reach their forever homes. Show support with as little as $1. 100% goes to animals in need. Each penny spent is be documented

Or support us as a volunteer

Take an animal with you on your flight from Georgia. Help them reach their forever home. We take care of costs and bureaucracy.

Whether you live in Georgia or abroad, adopt one of our rescues once they are neutered and ready for travel.

Foster our rescues in your home temporarily. We usually need a few months to get them ready for adoption.

Mariam Shekiladze, the founder of Zero Strays Georgia

From the time she could say ‘good boy’, Mariam has been caring for stray cats and dogs. Zugdidi, a small, underserved town in Western Georgia—and her home—has always stood out with a large stray animal population. In 2015—or as soon as she started earning her paychecks—Mariam started actively rescuing, treating, neutering, and finding forever homes for strays. When putting strays up for adoption in Georgia became challenging, Mariam reached out to friends across the globe. Another challenge was to provide temporary shelters for strays before their departure, and Mariam saw this as an opportunity to support rural families in Georgia through foster fees, a source of income that proves invaluable for our foster homes.

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