Meet our foster families!

Rescuing, neutering, treating, and documenting a stray and putting them up for adoption takes months, and our furry friends need a temporary home while we look for their eternal families.

We refuse to put our rescues in shelters as this results in behavioral issues and a loss of identity for the animal. Shelters are also overcrowded and hazardous. Stray dogs kept in shelters also often develop health issues related to stress, such as enlarged adrenal glands, sensitive stomachs, and acral lick dermatitis.

Instead, we put them up in foster homes before their adoption. This way, the animal develops mental stability and social skills, and becomes less anxious about spending time in a family home setting.

This also enables us to support vulnerable families in rural Georgia. We pay them monthly foster fees which often prove invaluable to their financial stability.

Meet some of our foster families!

Dali lives in Ganmukhuri, a village close to Zugdidi. She has provided foster care to over thirty dogs for the past three years. 

There are currently eight dogs fostered by Dali. The foster fees are a very helpful addition to the family’s finances as well as providing an important opportunity for some of the most vulnerable dogs to find a safe haven before their forever home are identified.

Nino lives in Ganmukhuri and has fostered dogs for over a year of which nine have found their forever homes overseas. There are currently six dogs being fostered by Nino whilst searching for adopters. 

Nino works in a small shop and cares for the dogs together with her child. They’ve also decided to adopt one of their foster dogs as their own. The foster fee helps the family and dogs to a better life.

Larisa lives in Darcheli and specialises in fostering dogs post-surgery. She is currently caring for four dogs who were hit by cars. Larisa has been a foster home for over a year and has so far fostered fourteen dogs.. 

As a house wife with a small child, the foster fees help Larisa, her family and the dogs live a comfortable live in the village.