Meet some of our adopted rescues!

Since 2015, we have rescued, neutered, and successfully found a home for over 400 stray dogs and cats. Browse through some of our most memorable stories, and follow our Mariam or our social media for some fresh, heartwarming posts!

Dog standing on a road

Mariam found a little feeble puppy by the side of the road, stranded without a chance to survive. Today, Jesse lives like a queen in the Netherlands, pampered with love, treats, and lavish walks with Michelle Likier. 

Belka, our three-legged friend, spent 6 years at a Georgian shelter, in poor conditions. Today she spends her life running across Swedish fields and forests. 

This handsome gentleman was picked up by Nona Nachkebia and her sons from a highway, filled with worms, scared and confused. Today, Lucky is living his best life in Amsterdam. 

Silk went from being a stray puppy in Georgia to living an adventurous life in the Netherlands.

Josephine and Elisse were close to death – and found a furever home with a woman who traveled across the world from Canada to pick them up.

Grace’s  Newborn puppies were thrown away and the abandoned mother was left in the Zugdidi market. She found a home in the Netherlands.

Matti was severely injured and had to have one of his legs amputated – but he found the most marvelous support in the Netherlands.

Wallace was starving and distressed when Mariam found him in Zugdidi. He now lives his best paw life in Germany.       

dog standing in front of a castle

Brillo suffered from skin disease and was shot twice due to his ‘intimidating size’. Today, he lives with our Mariam’s family. 

Sally was abandoned by her owner and still wearing her collar when Mariam found her in Tbilisi. Now she enjoys life in the Netherlands.

Ollie was roaming around abandoned, alone and scared in Zugdidi when Mariam found him – now he is living a wonderful life in Germany.

Millen was thrown out of her home after giving birth to puppies. She spent 7 years on the street, but now lives in Sweden with two other rescues.

Fritzi went from being the loneliest stray dog in Zugdidi to becoming a beloved family member in Germany. Currently, she is training to become a rescue dog.

Blue & Tola found their forever home in Poland – far away from the horrors strays face on Georgian streets.                               

Gruzja is a snow-loving parvo-virus survivor who found her forever home in Czech Republic.                          

Chacza’s loving personality changed her forever family’s life for the better. They now enjoy their life together in Poland.

Beautiful blind puppy Jara is living her best life in Munich and about to start nosework training.