Blue & Tola

Lola from Zero Strays Georgia tells us:

Blue and Tola, two enchanting sisters, were discovered near the border with Abhasia amidst the hustle of catching dogs for the summer sterilization campaign. Each canine they encountered had its portrait captured against the backdrop of where they were found, a visual record necessary to manage the overwhelming influx of furry companions. Our endeavors, tirelessly documented on social media, cast a spotlight on these adorable pups, their irresistible charm soon gracing the screens of Instagram users worldwide.

Within a mere day, the magic of their photographs had worked its charm, eliciting inquiries from two individuals smitten with the sisters and eager to provide them with a temporary haven while orchestrating their journey to Poland. Tola, the elegant black and white beauty, found solace and companionship with a loving family nestled among the streets of Lodz come October, where she shared her new abode with not only her adoring family but also two feline friends.

Meanwhile, the ethereal Blue found herself under the care of Mrs. Agnieszka in Georgia, who, despite being unable to offer a permanent home, diligently pursued the perfect match for her. It wasn’t long before Blue’s tale took a turn for the happily-ever-after, as she embarked on a new chapter of her life in Warsaw, where an extraordinary family, complete with a canine companion, welcomed her with open arms.

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