Foster a stray!

It takes us months to get a rescue ready for adoption, especially if they need to travel abroad. Finding suitable foster families is one of the biggest bottlenecks. We pay small foster fees and thereby support our underprivileged foster families in rural Georgia, but we don’t always have the necessary funds. 

If we already have found a forever family abroad for our furry friends, our strays spend approximately 3 months in foster care (the required quarantine time until their rabies antibody test). If we’re still looking for an adopting family, the process can take longer.  So, what’s required of you? Giving our rescues walks (if it’s a dog) and regular meals twice a day, constant access to water, your attention and care.

Fill in the questionnaire below if you’d like to volunteer as a foster family and we’ll reach out to you once we have a suitable match! Drop us an email at zerostraysgeorgia@gmail.com if you have any questions!