Moving to the Netherlands #3

Grace's story

Kirsten Lathouwers – adopter of Grace:

Grace was found on the streets of Georgia with huge nipple inflammation. Her nipples had become big hard stones because they took her puppy’s away and killed them… She was desperately seeking for attention and to be loved… Mariam found her and took her to the vet where her nipples were all removed. She recovered and went into foster.
I fell in love with her since the first time I saw her… I have a real soft spot for English Setters and as she is a mix, I couldn’t get her out of my mind… I tried to find her home for many months but noone responded… Unbelievable! Just the perfect dog!! I found her foster home in Belgium and picked her up from the airport. She would stay 2 days with me and then go to her foster home. After a day I couldn’t let her go anymore… So my husband and I decided to keep her.
She’s an amaaaazing smart independed girl! She adapted soooo easy into our lives and looooves playong with toys and with her ‘sibblings’ especially with Matti! We are soooo happy with our pack of 4 again now! ❤️’

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