Moving to the Netherlands

Silk's story

Jocelyn Herrewijn – adopter of Silk:

In 2019 I was working in Georgia for 2 months. I found a 5 months old puppy on the road after a working day and took her to my hotel. In the next two weeks I fell in love with her and a new adventure started. I found Mariam via a Facebook post and she offered me to take care of Silk for 3.5 months as I had to go back to the Netherlands. Mariam had so much experience in preparing dogs for adoption so it felt good to get her help as there is quite a bit of work involved when adopting a dog – but with Mariam’s help it turned out to be an amazing journey. Sadly enough Silk’s rabies vaccination didn’t make the anti body threshold and she had to stay in Georgia for another 3 months and be re-vaccinated. During that time Silk moved in with Mariam and her lovely parents in Zugdidi and stayed there with the other rescue dogs until she could travel. I was so happy and grateful that Silk could stay with them! Mariam is an amazing person with the biggest heart for animals. She has already changed so many peoples’ view on dogs in Georgia as a result of her dedicated work. Mariam is someone who opens peoples’ eyes and I’m sure she is going to achieve great goals in the future with all her hard work making sure that the world is a little nicer every day for dogs who are less fortunate.

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