Moving to Germany

Wallace's story

Mariam Shekiladze shares the story of how she found Wallace:

Wallace appeared in the streets of Zugdidi 2 weeks before I saw him in front of my house. My mom already warned me we had a newly abandoned dog on our street. During one of my weekend visits to Zugdudi I met Wallace (he was without a name). He brought a rock and threw it in front of my shoes, people who saw us told me he was doing it all the time nonstop. I realized it was not normal how strangely he was doing it. Looked he very stressed and anxious. I don’t know what is his story with rocks but he looked miserable, and very skinny, and impossible to live in the street without being given a “second chance at life”. My mom fostered him for a few weeks and then he went to a paid foster in the village. Gained weight, got all vaccines skin issues were gone and he became the most beautiful dog ever. He was the gentleest, smartest soul I ever met. After many months of trying we found a home for him in Germany with the help of the Hunderttung e.v organization. Now he lives his best life in Germany with couple, who gave him deserved love and care.

Wallace enjoying his best life in Germany.

Wallace when found – starving and very frightened.

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