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Happy new year! 

18 December 2023 – 1 January 2024

Our founder Mariam went to the Netherlands in December to meet with Pawsome Pets Foundation – an organisation that has supported Zero Strays Georgia for a considerable time – both with adoption, fostering and invaluable advice, support and fundraising. Our founder Mariam tells us:

“I met the organization Pawsome Pets Founders and volunteers. Helen Werk, Kirsten Lathouwers. The first day I sat at Alice who fostered many of my rescues till the adoption. She is a volunteer for Pawesome. Met Jesse my rescue was staying in Alice’s dog hotel. Abby and Milo and Poppy who traveled with me also stayed with us . Abby’s foster (another Pawsome volunteer Eline) came there and took Abby till adoption (she got adopted the previous week). The second day Poppy traveled to UK, Meghan took her from NL to Calais and met adopter there. So I met Meghan, Helen, Kirsten and Chris second day. Meghan helps me with UK and Germany adoptions.”

After a few days of visiting some of the most fortunate former stray dogs in the Netherlands, we returned to our day-to-day work in Georgia. Sterilisations, two car accident victims and daily feeding rounds.

The videos are from foster mum Larisa’s house as well as from Mariam’s house and from the daily feeding routine in and around Zugdidi. All this work is done one a volunteer basis and 100% reliant on individual donations.

Visit to the Netherlands 

11 – 17 December 2023

We are in the Netherlands this week – visting adopted paws, our partner organisation Pawesome pets and attending the annual world animal conference hosted by Party for the Animals. 

While we’re preparing to share our Netherlands visit shortly, we’d like you to take a moment to appreciate Haru’s transformation from tiny, abandoned puppy in Georgia to lucky, sizeable lady in the Netherlands.

What we did in the past week on the streets of Georgia

4 – 10 December 2023

Seven female dogs were sterilised, three put into foster care and four dogs traveled to their forever homes in Poland, UK and the Netherlands.

Four dogs found their forever homes around the world last weekend. Mariam traveled with three of them to Netherlands – with Poppy continuing on to the UK (the image to the left) whilst Abby (bottom left) and Mila (bottom right) found their forever homes in the Netherlands.


Our lovely Ushba flew into Poland and her forever home with a loving family.

Sterilisations were under way in Zugdidi.

Seven dogs from villages around Zugdidi were collected by us and brought in for sterilisation.

The three in worst condition were put into foster care, paid for by our team members.

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