Moving to the Netherlands #4

Sally's story

Mariam Shekiladze shares the story of how she found Sally:

In the winter, she appeared on my street in Dighomi, wearing a collar. For several weeks, I naively believed that she was lost. At that time, I had no chance to foster a new dog due to the quarantine of a plague puppy (also abandoned on the street). She followed me home every day and cried at the door. In the end, my mother saved us and fostered her temporarily in Zugdidi. Unfortunately, despite many attempts, I could not find either the old or the new owner in Georgia (I don’t know how someone would ever abandon this miracle dog). Her rescue mission lasted more than half a year. It’s not an easy road, but it’s all worth it for such happy endings like Sally has.

Sally’s new family has a second rescue dog, rescued from Portugal. The Portuguese and Georgian duo have already become friends and will live happily in the Netherlands with Liselotte De Gezelle. And huge thanks to the foster mom in NL who did her best for Sally’s bright future – Linde Wouters  and to foster mom in Georgia – Manana Miqenaia 

The goal is to rescue, but the dream is that one day we won’t have to.

Sally enjoying her best life in the Netherlands with best friend

Sally when found – terrified in the cold winter weather

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