Moving to Germany #2

Ollie/Oscar's story



Mariam Shekiladze shares the story of how she found Oscar/Ollie:

On my regular weekend visit to Zugdidi, I walk in the Dadiani Palace garden with my dogs. Ollie/Oscar came to me and laid his head on me. It was apparent he was a house dog before. Street life damaged his hair look, but not his beautiful soul. It was impossible to leave him behind so he won the ticket for a “second chance at life” immediately. He spent almost an hour with us in the street and followed us home. After that went to grooming, and castration, received all necessary vaccine shots and spent many months in paid foster until the best family appeared for him in Germany 

and then Oscar came…

After I had to let go of my dear Theo in August at the age of 15, in my grief, I only knew one thing: this pain can only heal with a new dog by my side. To live a life without a dog from now on? Impossible.

I didn’t want to rush anything… the next four-legged friend should suit us and our lives. and so I kept my eyes open. I knew we would find each other. That was also the case with Theo, an animal protection dog from Hungary.
The best decision of my life. I haven’t regretted it a day.

That’s why I knew that the only option for me was a dog from animal welfare. There are so many animals that need our help, our protection and our love. If I can contribute a little, then this is my contribution. Unfortunately, I can’t save everyone, but I can take care of one!

And so I found out more from animal protection organizations and animal shelters. I kept my eyes open to see if there was a dog that could suit me. And so I became aware of Oscar by chance. But are there actually coincidences? I call it fate… Oscar was introduced to me at that point as female and “Ollie.” I didn’t care what country he came from or what gender he was. My intuition told me that he was a good fit and the information I had about him spoke in favor of giving him a new home. Even if it meant traveling to a far away country.

And that’s what this brave guy did, who had been living alone on the streets before dear Mariam found him there and decided to save him. When I saw him for the first time on a Sunday, after he had flown so far and driven through half of Germany, I knew: this treasure is MY dog. He’s been with me for about 6 weeks now and has been doing wonderfully from day one. He is sweet, cuddly and smart. He pleased me every day and immediately felt comfortable. As if he had never lived anywhere else.

So grateful. so wonderful.
Whoever has the chance to offer such an animal a loving home should do so. They’re worth it! They deserved it.

Thank you Mariam 
Thank you Hunderettung e.v.

Frauke Bornemann

Oscar/Ollie enjoying his best life in Germany 

Oscar when found in Zugdidi, garden of Dadiani Palace 

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