It was clear to me that when I got a dog, I wanted to give a new home to a dog that hadn’t had it easy in life. Be it because of their age or a disability.
So I became aware of Jara in mid-October 2023 through a german dog rescue organization. Jara has been blind since birth, she was born without eyes.

The association posted a picture of her rescue on Instragram and I immediately knew I wanted to give her a new home. This little sweetheart had already suffered so much pain. I commented on the post and the organization contacted me directly the next day.

After it was clear that I was going to adopt Jara, Mariam contacted me. Mariam is an incredible person who not only took good care of Jara and looked after her, she also takes care of many other street dogs and cats in Georgia and gives a voice to the voiceless.

Mariam kept sending me updates, pictures and videos of Jara and answered all my questions with great patience. She took care of all the necessary documents, had the required examinations and vaccinations carried out and organized a flight sponsor to accompany Jara from Georgia to Germany.

After arriving in Germany, Jara quickly settled into her new life. She is a real sweetheart and everyone loves her. Despite her blindness, she loves to play with her ball and loves to play fetch with other dogs. If you don’t know that she is blind, you wouldn’t know it, Jara is full of life and positive energy.

Next week we will start our sniffing course at the dog school and in about 6 weeks we will start with mantrailing.

I can only encourage everyone to give a dog or cat from Georgia a chance at a loving home. I would especially like to encourage others to adopt a dog or cat with a handicap. They have so much love to give and unfortunately far too seldom a chance, they may look different, but they have all the more love to give.❤️

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