Name: Pixie

Dob: 18 NOV, 2022

Current weight and height: 15kg and 40cm

Health issues: Pixie is a happy and perfectly healthy dog, but deaf in both ears.

Sterilized: yes

Ready to travel (date/month): ASAP

History/Background: Pixie was discovered as a puppy on one of Zugdidi, Georgia’s bustling main roads. Her survival was quite fortunate, given the hazardous traffic conditions with cars zigzagging dangerously. Witnessing too many puppies meeting tragic ends on those roads, I felt compelled to rescue her. I housed her in the garden of my rented house (I’m currently stationed in Zugdidi). However, my time in Georgia is coming to a close, and I realize that I won’t be able to give Pixie a suitable home since I live in an apartment back home. Any help in finding a suitable home for her would be greatly appreciated.

Personality/character: Pixie, a warm, social, loving, and playful dog, is eagerly searching for her forever home. With her charming demeanor, soulful eyes, and a tail that never stops wagging, she’s the perfect companion for anyone seeking unconditional love and endless cuddles. Pixie is incredibly loyal and delights in greeting you with a wagging tail and affectionate kisses. If you’re considering adding a furry friend to your family, Pixie is ready to bring joy and sunshine into your life!


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