Chacza is a dog beyond our wildest dreams, and yet, we knew nothing about her before. Chacza is an amazing, affectionate dog with people and possesses a beautiful character all her own. She overflows with love, eager to share it with everyone she meets. Since welcoming her into our lives, everything has changed, undeniably for the better.

Chacza has been our guide, teaching us about unconditional love, patience, detachment from material possessions, finding joy in the smallest of things, resilience, and creativity. Above all, she has taught us how to manage our own emotions, for which we are immensely grateful. Providing Chacza with the loving home she deserves and investing in her growth brings us immense happiness. Adopting a dog comes with great responsibility, especially one with an unknown past, but it has unquestionably been the best decision of our lives ❤️

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