Name: Fifqia

Sex: female
Current weight: 18 kg
Expected weight: 18 kg
Health issues: back spine injury (disabled)
Steralised: No
Ready to travel (date / month): any time
History / background: she was found in a little village already injured. She was left there with her babys(they were dead) no one was around to help her. So it was one usual day when we were feeding homeless pets and found her. She was screaming and dying. We took her to the vet. They found out after doing X-ray that she had spinal injury. Doctors said that it is impossible to do surgery in our country to make her walk again. It was three months ago. We took her in one of the abounded buildings, we cleaned the mess and made perfect environment for her. Three months passed and owner of the building said that they are going to destroy this building and she will be left outside. Because of the small space in our house and depending on the fact that we have adopted so many pets we are not able to take her at our place. And we are looking forward to find the perfect parents for her.
Personality / character: lovely, careless, funny, sweet, sociable
Other info:  she is two years old. 

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