Monthly news February

1 – 29 February 2024


A set of slightly delayed February news – we have some pretty big overseas adoption missions taking time and energy at the moment. Exciting news will be coming up in March! Meanwhile, we’re very happy to share greetings from Jara in her new forever home in Munich, Peanut’s successful leg surgery, snapshots from a 29 stray sterilisation session in Zugdidi as well as spring greetings from one of our foster homes where the most amazing, lively, loving strays are waiting for their very own forever home! Are you interested in adoption, have questions about the process or would like to make a 180 gel foster fee contribution? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via zerostraysgeorgia@gmail.com 


Our beloved, blind puppy Jara moved to her new forever home in Munich, Germany in February. Jara was rescued by Mariam from Elizbarashvili shelter at the end of 2023 and was ready to move by February 2024. Jara is loving her new family life in Germany with Martina Graf and her family.


Little stray puppy Peanut was one of the stray dogs in Mariam’s dad’s feeding rounds in and around Zugdidi when he was hit by a car. Peanut suffered significant leg injuries requiring a set of two complicated surgeries. We did a fundraiser to cover the 1100 GEL surgery cost at Lucky Paw Clinic by veterinarian Irakli Narchemashvili. 

Didi & Honey

Didi and Honey stroke lucky this February and finally found their forever homes in Poland.

Didi spent seven months recovering from diseases and the stray life suffering before it was finally his turn.

Honey was abandoned together with mum Poppy and her siblings at a village churchyard. Dog mum Poppy now enjoys her best dog life in the UK and now it was Honey’s turn to experience family love in Poland.


We remember Linda who sadly passed away during surgery in February. Sometimes even the best of care and assistance aren’t sufficient.. Linda was getting ready to find her forever home and our Rusudan was doing a birthday fundraiser to cover Linda’s needs at the same time as our Mariam was fostering her. As Rusudan wrote in her birthday fundraiser “Linda spent three days with a broken leg and a bone sticking out, waiting patiently for someone to notice her, smack in the middle of Gudauri, an expensive local ski resort filled with tourists. Her puppies died in -20 degrees cold the previous day. Finally, a local activist got information on Linda’s situation and brought her to a shelter in Tbilisi where she was treated and neutered’. Linda experienced awful suffering and finally a good few weeks of pure paw love from the Zero Strays team. We’ll always remember Linda and keep her close in our hearts. 


29 much-needed stray sterilisations were made in Zugdidi by the two clinic Emzar Chachua and Vet Health’s George Churgulia. 

Foster care

We currently have 46 strays in foster care looking for their forever home. The foster fees of 180 GEL per month (including food) are often paid out of our own pockets or with help from family and friends. You’re most welcome to cover a stray’s foster fee by donating 180 GEL. The foster fees help local families as well as vulnerable stray dogs suffering from disease, starvation and misery out on the streets of Georgia.

Abandoned dogs

Keeping hunter dogs and subsequently abandoning them is a common practice in Georgia. We often find German wirehaired pointers and setters dumped in remote areas along the Georgian highways – a place that dooms them to death unless we help them.


Do you recognise Freya? Found starving and with skin disease but has now – thanks to love and care – developed into a majestic lady who frequently enjoys the Austrian lake front together with her forever family. Adoption really transforms lives – both theirs and yours. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are thinking about adoptions or want to know more!

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