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What we did in the past week on the streets of Georgia

27 November – 3 December 2023

Feeding sessions in Darcheli, sterilisation missions, awareness raising and foster care in Zugdidi and a tragic loss of an innocent soul by the Gulf Petrol station in Zugdidi.

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As virtually no charities or organisations are active in Zugdidi and surrounding villages, there are always a never ending flow of urgent rescue missions to manage. This suffering girl has now escaped a hard street life of Rustaveli street in Zugdidi and is now in foster – to re-gain her health and become ready for adoption within the next 3-4 months.

We have some very sad news this week as a beautiful life was lost – hit by a car. 💔 Mariam says:

“We sterilised this dog around 2 month ago, she was living on Gulf petrol station and had person who was feeding and taking cafe for her daily, hence it was not as urgent to rescue her as many strays are dying on the spot from disease, injuries and starvation, but she was on my list to take to foster to find home. But we were too late.. She was hit by a car and tragically passed away before finding her forever home.” This is WHY we need as much help as we can get to cover foster fees and find new homes for these amazing souls. Please donate – every little helps! Even 5 euro makes a massive difference and can prove to be a life saver!

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Feeding strays on a regular basis is a life saver for many of the innocent souls who’re forced to roam the streets of Georgia. The image shows one of our most appreciated regular feeders visiting one of his feeding spots in the central parts of the Darcheli village.

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Raising awareness is an important aspect of our work. Mariam was contacted by a man in Zugdidi who asked for help with his dog. She went there but it was too late to do sterilisation as the pregnancy was too far gone. The man contacted her again a few days later saying that the dog was struggling to give birth. Mariam went to support him. Five puppies survived and three sadly did not make it. The man’s dog is now sterilised. 

What we did in the past week on the streets of Georgia

20-26 November 2023

Three lives saved from the streets of Akhalsofeli and Zugdidi.

This poor stray was first found with her puppies in the village of Akhalsofeli. Then found by us a few days later in a completely different location without puppies. Throwing dogs out from village areas is common in Georgia as dogs with puppies or who are seen as nuisiance are often forcefully dumped elsewhere – rather than helping them. She is now safely in foster undergoing vet check up and then we need to find her a forever home!

This little boy was suffering from severe stages of skin disease when he was hit by a car in Zugdidi and left to die a slow painful death. He is now in our foster care and will hopefully find someone who will love him to bits and appreciate his sweet personality.


This little cat was lucky and quickly found a forever home in Zugdidi – and a life free of cold, lack of food and misery.

What we did in the past week on the streets of Georgia

13- 19 November 2023

Chacza is one of “Polish-Geo pups” that were rescued during the Polish vets sterilisation campaign. Our brilliant fundraiser Lola found adopter for 2 out of 4 yet. Chacza was taken by one of Polish vets who visited Zugdidi, we took her from street for just sterilizaiton and couldn’t return back to street. Sabina is polish vet who decided to find home for her and her friends adopted.

The image shows Chacza meeting her new forever family at the airport in Poland.



Mariam saw Chacza off at the airport in Tbilisi – making sure that she had all the necessary vaccinations, certificates and adequate crate to travel off to Warsaw.



Blind rescue Jara had her first walk since being rescued from a shelter that couldn’t care for her due to her lack of vision.


Jara trying out the playfield in Tbilisi together with Mariam

What we did in the past week on the streets of Georgia

6-12 November 2023

Gruzja reached her forever home in Czech Republic after being in foster care at Larisa’s home for the past few months. Read more about Gruzja’s story here.

Two German pointers were brought into private foster after being found abandoned on the road between Tbilisi and Zugdidi.


Whilst this German pointer was rescued from the Elizbarashvili shelter as they were going to return him to the streets after treatments. 


Last week we made a rescue mission to the highway between Mestia and Zugdidi. The trip resulted in three new, injured rescues going into foster care and receiving vet treatments.

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