Name: Tessa
Dob: 18.02.21
Current weight: 18 kg
Expected weight: 20 kg
Health issues: None
Sterilized: Yes
Ready to travel (date/month): 20.06.23
History/background: She was found 1,5  years ago in village Chkhorotsku with skin problem demodicosis and a local animal lover gave her a pill. After that, she found her home in the same village. But she appeared again in the street. She was used to giving birth to puppies and again abandoned in the street. She was not taken care of parasites so she got skin issues again. Then I saw a post about her and took her from Chkhorotsku to Zugdidi, where I sterilized her and my mom fostered her for post-surgery treatments and vaccinations. Then she went to the village foster where she lives with other foster dogs. 
Personality/character: She lives with other dogs now, is socialized, and is not scared of dogs or humans. From the beginning, she was scared but not now. She is not aggressive towards humans or dogs. Loves human attention. She is calm and well-behaved. 

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