Our Mariam:

“A few years ago, my mom called me about a dog running around, in terrible condition, with all of its fur gone and blood coming out. Everyone thought that he was contagious so they were shushing him away with sticks and stones. It took us weeks to gain his trust to give him some medicine, and then he went on to live on the street.

When his fur grew back, he became gorgeous. He was fed by passers-by occasionally. Once, someone got scared of his size and expelled him from his new territory once again. He shot him,

The next day, we took him in temporarily. The x-ray showed multiple bullets. There was no point in taking them out.

Since then, three years have gone by. A dog that we took in temporarily has become one of our most loved members. He lives with us to this day.

It’s hard to express how much love he has for us.

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