Our Nona Nachkebia recalls:

“From Tsaishi to Amsterdam. My sons found Lucky abandoned by the road. He was so skinny, you could see his bones. He was filled with parasites, his belly sticking out. He was running around terrified and I’m sure he wouldn’t have survived. So, they brought him home.

It took him 10 days to come up with the courage to allow me to pet him. I’d bring him food and leave to let him eat. After 10 days, I earned his trust. Soon, I was able to put him up for adoption, but when I dropped by to visit, I saw him chained, in horrible conditions. So of course I couldn’t leave him there.

I was very nervous, but in the end Lucky turned out to be, well, Lucky. He lives in Amsterdam with an amazing family, thanks to Mariam and others. I always have tears of joy when I see his pictures. I’m so grateful for this kindness, and I wish all the best to the family who takes care of him today.”

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