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Name: Julieta (girl)

Age: 5 years old

Current size: shoulder height 62 cm

Health issues: none, she is healthy

Rabies vaccinated: yes

Sterilized: yes

Compatibility with cats and kids: she is perfect with kids, cats not tested.

Ready to travel (date/month): April

Personality/character: she is very sweet, calm, and not as active as normal English pointers. I call both dogs Romeo and Juliet a wise dog! They are super calm, with no barking, and no unnecessary jumping. She is very smart. No aggression towards humans, or dogs.

History/background: I took Rome and Julieta from the streets of Zugdidi. They were abandoned together in the city center and both were shaking, so scared. They were hugging each other (I’ll try to find their street photo). I rescued both of them together and sent them directly to the clinic for sterilization. I think they were used for breeding and abandoned together by their stupid owner. As it’s super easy in Georgia to get hunter puppies, they are everywhere, so those two got unfortunate and not necessary for the family as they could get new ones (common sadness in Georgia). After sterilization I couldn’t return them to the street, they had no idea about street life. Would be dead already. So after that, both of them together are registered with paid village fosters. Ideally, they would be adopted together. So far I haven’t separated them.

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  1. She is a wonderful girl and it would great if a dog-sensitive human would adopt her together with her boyfriend ROMEO.

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