A Czech sister organisation is developing

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Jitka traveling in Georgia
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Katarina and David traveling in Georgia
Jitka traveling in Georgia
David traveling in Georgia

Kateřina and David Zelinkovi, and Jitka Doubkova from Czech Republic went traveling to Georgia and got so appalled by stray situation that they’ve decided to take things further and set up a sister organisation in their home country. 

What have you set up?

– We have just initiated a project called “Psí tuláci z Gruzie” (Stray Dogs from Georgia in English). This project involves establishing an official non-profit association, creating a website, utilizing social media platforms, and more. Our aim is to inform Czech people about the stray dog situation in Georgia, organize fundraisers, and facilitate the adoption of Georgian strays.

What inspired you to do it?

– Our inspiration stems from personal experiences. While visiting Georgia, we witnessed numerous strays enduring appalling conditions on the streets and in rural areas. Each of us has been involved in a rescue mission for a stray during our initial visits to the country. One survivor found a new home with one of our members, while unfortunately, the second one passed away before the journey. Despite these challenges, we were compelled to offer assistance, having gained insight into the remarkable yet challenging work undertaken by local volunteers like Mariam and Zero Strays Georgia.

What do you hope to achieve?

– We aspire to accomplish several goals. Primarily, we aim to educate Czech travelers on how to respond when encountering a stray in distress. Additionally, we seek to raise awareness about the plight of Georgian strays across our country and regularly organize fundraisers to improve their situation. Ultimately, we hope to find new homes for many of these animals.

What are your impressions of the stray situation in Georgia?

– The situation is dire. There is widespread suffering and a sense of helplessness among the strays. It’s disheartening to witness dogs, known as man’s best friend, enduring starvation, disease, and becoming victims of accidents. Georgian strays, in particular, are remarkable, beautiful, and friendly creatures yearning for human affection.

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