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1-31 March

Another busy month has passed, marked by several overseas adoptions to Germany, the United Kingdom, Latvia, and Poland, as well as a multitude of surgeries which remained our top priorities. Additionally, each month entails providing cancer treatments, skin disease treatments, and sterilisations for strays and pets whose owners cannot afford the procedure.

You’ll find further details of our work below. Do you wish to make a donation? Meet us whilst traveling in Georgia? Become a volunteer? Please reach out via social media or by emailing us at zerostraygeorgia@gmail.com

Vita received surgery
Vita at the surgery
Vita at the surgery
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Vita after surgery

Vita was found in a village near Zugdidi with two infected legs one of which was nearly torn off, and suffering from severe dehydration. Vita received care at our long term partner vet clinic Vet Health in Zugdidi, where veterinarian Goga attended to her. Vita is currently receiving post-surgery care but will be looking for the most loving of forever homes once she has recovered.

Sally moved to Germany
Mariam and Sally
Sally at the airport

Lovely little Sally moved to Berlin in March via our friend organisation Hunderettung e.V who will now foster her until her very own forever home comes along.

Billi & Mikesh received surgery
Billi and Mikesh
Billi in the surgery room
Mikesh at the vet
Mikesh after surgery

Newly abandoned stray Billi was found with both back legs broken. He’s now had surgery on both legs. New broken dog named Billi. 

Mikesh was found starving in Zugdidi whilst suffering from both Babesiosis and Anaplasmosis as well as severe leg injuries. One leg is now operated and his second surgery will take place in two weeks.  

Urgent and difficult vet care
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WhatsApp Image 2024-03-24 at 20.39.50

Numerous broken legs and parasite infections such as anaplasmosis, Babesia, Erlixiosis are all too common in Georgia and was what had happened to these three wonderful little strays. Mariam’s father received a call that dog was hit by car in village Darcheli. The other two cases were found in Zugdidi and were sent to receive care at My Friend vet clinic in Batumi.

One of the hardest cases

We found this suffering stray who was suffering from diseases severely affecting the central nerve system. Vet care was put in but at this stage not much could be done besides alleviating the suffering and giving as much love as we can whilst hoping the treatments could work.

Moving to the United Kingdom

Meghan Behiel from Setter Help Europe  and Tom Newton tells us:

“Setter Help Europe and Zero Strays Georgia came together to complete a huge mission for three lucky dogs.

Little cocker spaniel Fritzie was found in a very terrible state, with a very bad skin condition. Luckily, she recovered, and booked her ticket to England! She was supposed to go to a foster home, but of course, who couldn’t fall in love with such a sweet little girl. Her foster family couldn’t let her go and decided to keep her. She now lives in Bristol, and has a brother cocker spaniel, who she loves to play with.

Yellow lab Boni survived a bad car accident, but luckily made a full recovery. He waited and waited for someone to come along and offer him a home in Georgia, but sadly no one looked his way. Finally his luck was about to change and he went on the adventure of a lifetime to England! He now lives near the beach in Gloucester with a wonderful family just for him.

The third lucky traveler is Rosie! She is a beautiful Irish Setter , who was abandoned and left to starve. She was extremely skinny, and also suffered from a bad skin condition when she was found. After she recovered, she left with the lucky trio and found a wonderful family way up in Scotland. She has an Irish setter, brother, and an English setter brother as well. The three setters love to play and enjoy walks by the beach.”

Bono and Tessa moved to Germany

Bono and Tessa flew off to Berlin and their new forever homes!

Lola, Julia and Holly moved to Latvia and Lithuania
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WhatsApp Image 2024-04-02 at 20.52.23
WhatsApp Image 2024-04-02 at 20.54.40 (7)
WhatsApp Image 2024-04-02 at 20.54.40 (1)
WhatsApp Image 2024-04-02 at 20.54.40
WhatsApp Image 2024-04-02 at 22.14.35

Mariam flew with three paws to Latvia to meet their new forever families- as well as long term friend and local volunteer Marina.


Every month, we sterilise strays and pets of families who cannot afford to pay for it themselves, particularly in the area in and around Zugdidi where no large organisations are currently active. We use two clinics in Zugdidi: George Tchurgulia at Vethealth and Emzar Chachua, which assist us in carrying out the sterilisations at a cost of 100 GEL per stray.

Cancer treatments

Our Zugdidi-based vet friend Goga helps us to deliver urgent chemo therapy to stray dogs suffering from cancer in and around Zugdidi. We as Zero Strays volunteers pay for medicine and other supplies, whilst Goga helps to carry out the treatments.

Supporters donating medical supplies
PXL_20240318_140627491 (1)

Our Czech friends collected funds to purchase and deliver much needed medical supplies to Mariam’s family home in Zugdidi. The donation was delivered by Rene and Kristyna.

Nexgard treatments against skin disease

Skin diseases, ticks and fleas are common issues for strays in all of Georgia. We regularly treat affected strays with Nexgard to alleviate suffering. The dogs are photographed and mapped so we know who has been treated and when their next treatment is due. 

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