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Name: Kuzya (girl)

Age: 6 months old

Current size: around 10 kg

Health issues: healthy; 1 front leg amputated

Rabies vaccinated: yes

Sterilized: yes

Ready to travel (date/month): Around July 2024

Personality/character: She is extremely sweet and calm. She’s up for anything. She loves being around humans but she never disturbs anyone. She gets along well with other dogs.

History/background: Kuzya’s leg was torn off after a car accident in a very small, poor city in Georgia, Gardabani, home to ethnic minorities. She was about 2 months old. A local girl took her in. She had a bed in the apartment building, legs bandaged with socks. The girl took her to the vet, who recommended that they wait for the amputation. After three months, they decided to amputate but Kuzya tested positive for a range of diseases caused by parasites. The girl didn’t have the funds for treatment, so she reached out to us. We helped cover the treatment and the operation. Today, Kuzya is healthy. She knows how to balance on three legs. She’s been with a paid foster mom.

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