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22 January – 28 January 2024

Few things make us happier than successful adoptions where the most deserving strays get their loving forever homes. This week it was travel time for Nala, Sally and Noah. See their happiness in the photos and videos below. We also managed to sterilise and neuter quite a few dogs this week. 

A lovely little stray setter in Zugdidi was also sterilised this week. She was abandoned by her owner who decided to go abroad and leave her behind. People can be so cruel.. 

Noah and Sally left Georgia for Germany and their new forever home (in Noah’s case) and a lovely foster home (in Sally’s case). Talk about life changing events for two abandoned strays of which Noah suffers from extreme separation anxiety. Sally will now stay with setter helper Meghan until she finds her own forever home.

There is no end to the neutering and sterilisation missions in Georgia! Six strays were neutered in Tbilisi with the help from Mayhew. Mariam were catching strays together with volunteers Nini and Maka. 

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-29 at 19.09.53 (3)
Maka and Nini bringing strays for neutering
Catching a stray ready for neutering

Nala was rescued from the streets of Mtskheta and adopted by Berenika Wiatr and traveled to her new home in Poland. 

Nala with her new owner

14 January – 20 January 2024

It has been a difficult January for Mariam and the strays of Georgia. Several severely injured and ill strays have been found and are in dire need to care, foster and, a few months down the line, a loving home. We are in deeper need of donations than ever before to be able to pay for the treatments. Are you able to help? Please send a donation or contact us via zerotsraysgeorgia@gmail.com or via social media to find out more about our work and current situation. The vet bills are mounting up at record speed and our personal salaries are just not enough to pay for all the treatments..

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-27 at 19.23.54

Mariam shares: Rescue from Zugdidi! Very skinny and weak. I brought him to Tbilisi, stays with me now. Needed proper analyses and examination in the clinic which is not available in Zugdidi. He is diagnosed with Anaplasmosis and Babesia, analyses are not good. Treatments started already by Vetex vets.



This is Peanut who was hit by car in Zugdidi and now brought to Tbilisi as his walking condition didn’t get better. He is badly injured and the vets verdict is that they can only do surgery on one of his two leg injuries.

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-27 at 19.37.40
WhatsApp Image 2024-01-27 at 20.04.09

This little rescue was found in Kutaisi. She is in Tbilisi now with Mariam and  got neutered yesterday but still has skin issues which are under treatments. This little one will  soon go to a  Zugdidi foster home whilst waiting for a forever home and someone to share a beautiful dog life with! 

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-27 at 20.18.06

It was love at first when Tia Clark found Caramel and decided to adopt her! We want all of our lovely, deserving souls to find their furever happy homes – please consider adoption. You can read more about our lovely paws on the site, in our social media or by emailing us on zerostraysgerogia@gmai.com

Six sterilisations were made at the Vethealth clinic in Zugdidi, helping to prevent major suffering of dozens of puppies and their mothers. 

2 January – 14 January 2024

The new year has meant a full on operation of saving the most vulnerable strays from the streets – but also some amazing adoption highlights!




We rescued this Irish setter from Kutaisi highway. He is old and skinny. Under treatments now to gain weight. We hope someone will consider adopting him and give a deserved end of life in warmth and love.

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WhatsApp Image 2024-01-18 at 09.02.16





Castrated our recently rescued Gordon setter that was abandoned close to Zugdidi in village road.

Our 2 beautiful rescues found deserved loving homes in Poland and traveled. Milla smaller white one was waiting to find home more then 1.5 years, she was rescued from Dighomi meadows landfill. Another one is Blue that was rescued by our team member Lola during Polish vets sterilization campaign.

We had a successful adoption date for Soko. Georgian who are living in Stockholm were searching for a dog long time and decided to adopt Georgian rescue, after the date, in 4 days Soko traveled with them to Sweden. I found Soko 1 years ago, in Dighomi meadows.

Big Basa! I rescued him from Zugdidi street in summer, June. I’ve got a message from very lovely women from Tbilisi that another my rescue dog adopter gave her my contact at grooming. So from our dogs she chose Big Basa to adopt. We had another sucsesdul adoption date, Basa got groomed and went to his forever home

We also through to Tbilisi Noah, he was at village foster, he has seperation anxiety so we had to move him to my place till we find volunteer to Germany, where he is adopted. He feels calmer now.

He was rescued 9 months ago, survived from several skin diseases and distemper virus. Now he is a healthy boy!

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