Adopter Heike Stahnke tells us:

We want to thank Mariam Shekiladze and Marion Freieck from the bottom of our hearts for always supporting us in our decision during the long months of waiting for Fritzi. It was the best decision we’ve ever made.

About one year ago, I talked to a friend about my desire to have a dog again. She has three dogs from an animal shelter. Giving a dog a second chance at life was a good idea. I decided to do some research on the Internet. One Google search turned into days and weeks spent on the Internet. I phoned some animal welfare organisations until I finally found Marion and Mariam as our contact. 

With so much love and sacrifice for Mariam and Zero Strays Georgia; it is admirable and deserves great respect. Some people have no idea what Mariam and others committed to animal welfare achieve and how much of a burden it is.Mariam sent me a few pictures of dogs, but I fell in love with Fritzi and showed her to my husband. He was immediately in love, but suddenly we had doubts. – Does a dog from emergency aid, a “stray”, possibly have trauma? Can a “stray”  withstand what for us is everyday life, and what will happen when things get stressful? – which, thanks to Marion, were taken away. 

I quickly sent a message to Mariam, telling her we would like to have Fritzi, the dog, in front of the fountain (first, she called Leo – people thought she was a boy).  Mariam was happy and immediately set off in her car to get Fritzi off “the road “. It only took what felt like an hour, and Mariam sent me a picture. 

It was one of those moments where your heart jumps and stops for joy. I immediately had to share this with my husband and showed him the photo. – speechless in tears – Mariam had made it.

Fritzi was lying in the back seat of her car. Oh my god, Fritzi will soon have a new home, our home. Unfortunately, we didn’t know how long the months of waiting would be. There were blood tests and vaccinations, and waiting between them felt like an eternity.

But we received pictures or a video of Fritzi and her “stray” friend every week. We knew that time would also come to an end or beginning at some point. – and that our doubts and fears were unconditional.

Fritzi has a beautiful character, with her kind and gentle nature enriching our lives. She is curious and playful, our beautiful queen, and we finally decided to train her as a rescue dog. Rescue dog squadron is our hobby, and we do it voluntarily. It’s hard to believe that Fritzi was once the lonely dog in the streets of Zugdidi. 

Now, she is training to become a rescue dog in the area.  Her training will take about three years.  It’s a lot of fun and a pleasure to see how much progress she has made in the first three months she has been with us. 

Fritzi loves children and can cuddle for hours. She likes to ride the bus and subway. She often falls asleep immediately when driving, but she also wants to look out the window while going. We look forward to spring when we swim with Fritzi and learn to sit in a kayak. 

Dear people everywhere, don’t be afraid to give a dog from emergency aid like Zero Strays Georgia a new perspective and chance in life. I will thank you faithfully and devotedly for a lifetime…

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