Name: Suzie
Dob: Approx April 2023 
Current weight: 8kg
Expected weight: about 10kg
Health issues: Currently healing from Ehrlichiosis, Yeast Infection
Sterilised: Not yet
Ready to travel (date / month): March, 2024

History / background: She came into the bus and sat beside me. At first I thought she was lost, but then I noticed her severe skin condition, which meant that she had spent months on the street. I took her home and then to the vet. She was diagnosed with Ehrlichiosis. She had horrible fever. After the hard process of treatment she is better and soon will be fully recovered.

Personality / character: Snuggly, sweet, energetic, curious, very very friendly, friendly to other dogs and also cats (animals in general), playful, gentle, intelligent,
Other info: Suzie is a very comfortable pet, I have had her for 1 month now. She is sweet, very smart, has no issue peeing inside. she just wants to be loved and snuggled all day. She is a great companion dog.

1 thought on “Suzie”

  1. anne.adoun@yahoo.com

    Hello ich habe die kleine Hündin gesehen und würde ihr gerne ein Zuhause schenken in München wohne mit meinem golden Retriever 24 zusammen.
    Liebe Grüße
    Anneliese Amouzou Adoun

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