Success story


Chacza is a dog beyond our wildest dreams, and yet, we knew nothing about her before. Chacza is an amazing, affectionate dog with people and possesses a beautiful character all her own. She overflows with love, eager to share it with everyone she meets. Since welcoming her into our lives, everything has changed, undeniably for […]

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Our story began in June of this year. We are Kačka and David from the Czech Republic, and we decided to go on holiday to Georgia for 2 weeks. We were attracted by the breathtaking nature, rich culture, and hospitable people. Georgia has a lot to offer in all these aspects. Unfortunately, we also encountered

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Blue & Tola

Lola from Zero Strays Georgia tells us: Blue and Tola, two enchanting sisters, were discovered near the border with Abhasia amidst the hustle of catching dogs for the summer sterilization campaign. Each canine they encountered had its portrait captured against the backdrop of where they were found, a visual record necessary to manage the overwhelming

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https://www.zerostraysgeorgia.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/20240107_120614.mp4 Adopter Heike Stahnke tells us: We want to thank Mariam Shekiladze and Marion Freieck from the bottom of our hearts for always supporting us in our decision during the long months of waiting for Fritzi. It was the best decision we’ve ever made. About one year ago, I talked to a friend about my desire

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Fun fact: there are so many strays in Georgia that whenever animal activists need to travel outside the city, they usually scootch down in the back seat to avoid catching a glimpse. Our Mariam is no exception. But one time, she did peep out of the window. “I saw Jesse near Zugdidi, in a completely

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Our Nona Nachkebia recalls: “From Tsaishi to Amsterdam. My sons found Lucky abandoned by the road. He was so skinny, you could see his bones. He was filled with parasites, his belly sticking out. He was running around terrified and I’m sure he wouldn’t have survived. So, they brought him home. It took him 10

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